Grades PK-1 explore various art mediums and techniques while developing hand and eye coordination. Children are introduced  to the principals of art and design through the creative process as learning unfolds. Introduction of art history through visual references and discussion begin to ignite questioning. A deeper undestanding of the role of art as an expression of the self serves as a foundation for children to communicate their thoughts while also expanding their visual vocabulary. 

Impressionist Trees PK
Panda Bear GR2
Silly Whale GR2
Self Portrait GR5

Grades 2-3 make connections between core curriculum and art. Challenges connected to art techniques and processes are developed. A more comprehensive understanding of the relationship between art, self and the world around them is nurtured through dialogue and historical contexts. Individualized expression is nurtured as students evolve in their creative capacities while  NYS art standards are carefully taught and incorporated into thet curriculum. The development of more complex techniques and materials are introduced. 

Grades 4-5 develop a greater appreciation for the creative capacities within themselves through the introduction of  art techniques such as;  perspective, complex pattern and design, three-dimentional media, drawing, painting and shading techniques. The artist's voice within them is supported through the development of  aesthetic appreciation and critique  in alignment with encouragement and focus. Respect for cultural diversity through the education of art though out  history serves as the foundation for the expantion of their creative development.  

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